‘Clean’ Shampoo

Why make my own shampoo?

  1. I was inspired by Pinterest!
  2. Have you ever researched the toxic chemicals in shampoo and it’s effects on our bodies? Hmmm. Google that baby will ya?
  3. I really like the feel, smell, and results of this shampoo much better than anything I have purchased.
  4. My mother has incredibly sensitive skin to hair products. They blotch her skin, redden and swell her eyes, no matter how much she spends on those products (probably because they all have sodium lauryl, or laureth, sulfate in them). So I made her a batch of this shampoo, and even after just one use she was hooked.

Simply three items:

  • 1/4 cup distilled water
  • 1/4 cup liquid Castile Soap— they come in several scents or unscented. So far I’ve tried lavender and citrus orange and love them both. Dr. Bronner’s is not the only supplier out there, but it was the only one sold in my town.
  • 1/2 teaspoon of a good oil; I’ve used jojoba, grape seed and olive and have no preference yet.

Through a funnel I put three times the above recipe into a clear condiment squeeze bottle. Your old shampoo container would work as well. Then using another Pinterest inspired idea, I simply put a rubber band around it so I can differentiate with my eyes closed which is my hair wash (shampoo) and which is my hair rinse (one part vinegar and two parts water). Pinterest makes me feel so smart.

Takes me less than 60 seconds to refill.

You can do this!

Update 4/21/13

This is a great ratio for dry hair, but if you have fine or lean towards oily hair I recommend omitting the oil and doubling the water, so 1 part Castile soap and two parts water…even more if you wish to be more frugal.


2 responses to “‘Clean’ Shampoo

    • Hi Jess! Yes and no and yes. It is intended to be my conditioner, it is my daughters, and you know how thick and long (waist length) hers is. Vinegar rinse is all she uses to ‘condition’. But my thinner, straighter, shorter hair still snarls at that clump in the back. What’s up with that! Currently I’m expermenting with a touch of coconut oil based products on that area (hair only, not the scalp) before the vinegar and then yes, I rinse after it.

      As a girl I rinsed my hair in vinegar because my grandma had. She had also brushed her hair 100 strokes at night. I recently read that 100-stoke-brushing brings the natural oils from our scalp into the hair, conditioning it naturally. (This information would be more helpful to someone with less natural oil than myself!)

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