Making 10 Cent, No-Knead Pizza Crust on the Grill

Years ago my cousin gave me Barbara Kingsolvers “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” book to encourage what she then saw was to be our pursuit on a future piece of country with animals, vegetables and misc. miracles of our own. The book inspired my first cheesemaking, using Ricki Carroll’s 30-minute mozzarella, and moving from sporadic pizza meals to making it our Friday Night Menu. I liked having one night consistent.

Hundreds of pizza crusts later, the no-knead dough is now king on our Friday nights. If yeast is purchased in the bulk (refrigerated) section at the health food store for pennies, instead of little packets at the grocery store for big bucks, each pizza crust will cost you mere nickles.

I love this no-knead thing. Not only does it make a better tasting pie from other crusts I’ve tried, but anyone can do this. You can do this. Your pre-schooler can do this. Really.

A big bowl and 2 minutes is all you really need to make the dough, maybe a wooden spoon if you don’t want to get your hands doughy.

This is Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois Master Boule recipe from their 5 Minutes a Day Bread, but I have better results with it as pizza dough:

Mix together

3 cups of warm water

1 1/2 tablespoons yeast

1 1/2 tablespoons sea salt

6 1/2 cups of flour

Put the liquid in first, dump the rest and briefly stir to incorporate the flour, it will look “shaggy”

 You can leave it in the same bowl if you want, cover loosely to let gases escape, leave at room temperature for 2 hours while it rises

 Then refrigerate for up to 2 weeks


When it’s Pizza Time…cut off an apple size amount if grilling your pie on the BBQ.


cut off a grapefruit size portion if making a pizza pan size to bake in the oven.

 Roll in flour

and flatten into whatever shape happens and call it rustic

Normally I do pizza’s in the oven (preheat 475 degrees, par bake crust 5 minutes, top it, bake for 13-15 minutes until done)

but then my oven door fell off.

Both old ovens had door hinge issues.

In the same week.

The good news is I have more storage space!

I know. Who lives like this?! There’s more to this story but I’ll stick to pizza’s for now.

So Friday night rolls around before another Craigslist stove top oven arrives in our lives, and heaven forbid my children go without pizza on this night, or so they think, that’s when we began grilling them. And we really like them grilled. And in the summer I really like not turning my oven on, so we continue the oven-door-fallout-inspired-pizza-making.

I’ve been using the propane grill (vs. charcoal grilling)  for pizzas due easier control. Turn the BBQ on HIGH heat, grill just one side of the crusts for about 2 to 3 minutes until the top is bubbled and the bottom is done (for oven: preheat 475 degrees, par-bake crust 5 minutes).

 For our family of six, I make 4 of these smaller sized ones on the grill, two regular size crusts if using a pizza stone in the oven.

Then with the uncooked side down, top the grilled part with your pizza favorites

My current fave is Thai Chicken, but my sister-in-laws carmelized onion, brie and pear suggestion is calling my name.

Turn the grill on LOW now, add your topped pizza crusts and put the grill cover down.  It takes at least 10 minutes for it to complete cooking and melt the cheese.

Here the cooked pizzas I accidentally burned a bit, are staying warm on the top rack while the lower ones ‘bake’.

Cut and serve,

usually with a movie if you are at the Kains’ on a Friday night.

(photo credit of pepperoni olive pizza shot goes to my 8-year-old)

This pizza dough recipe made 7 pies at one time. Had I only made the usual four crusts and put the dough back in the refrigerator, it would have risen again and I may have gotten an 8th pizza out of it.

Other Misc. Pizza Tips:

 For tomato based sauces I no longer make a special pizza sauce, I just use canned tomato sauce (one of those little 29 cent cans covers 3 bigger pizza crusts) and sprinkle oregano on it. Other sauces we use frequently are pesto, or sweet chili sauce on Thai based ones.

Our Dollar Tree has pepperoni packets which would cover 2 or 3 of these smaller pizzas.

And I love my Ulu knife for cutting pizzas. They rock.

What do you think? About pizza making, not my pun. Besides feeding your family for around $1 a person, depending on toppings and cheese amounts, this is some seriously good eating folks.

Go forth and conquer, because you can!


5 responses to “Making 10 Cent, No-Knead Pizza Crust on the Grill

  1. If a pre-schooler can do it so can I! I’ll be back to tell of my attempt. Thank you for giving everyday life a ‘no-fuss’ spin!

    • Well, that mixing thing anyone yes, but yours? They would handle it for a fire, make the pizza, and cleanup, for just a promise of a go-kart ride. 😉 let me know how it goes!

  2. This is next on my list to see if I can copy my gourmet friend! Tonight we had your savory baked omlete for dinner. Your scones were on the menu a few days ago, infamous chocolate chip cranberry cookies are made and in the freezer to prep for fair food, and your pasta salad will be made on Thursday night for munching at fair on Friday. Your kitchen talents bless me and make their way in our regular menus. Thanks for teaching!

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