Painting an Old Wood Stove and Other Goals

The wood stove came with the house,

and the house came with the property,

neither of which we would choose individually, if that gives you any indication about our priorities in where we live.

The 10 year goal was to move to a rural location where our children could live amongst nature and care for farm animals. Where one could sing at the top of your lungs undetected by neighbors, go for walks without carrying pepper spray, get in some target practice, a little hunting and fishing after work, ride a dirt bike and even watch wildlife while you wash the dishes. And, to run into people you know every time you went into town. To add a nice house and pretty wood stove to that list seemed a bit over the top.

We found what we had been dreaming about. It was a given that we had some work on our hands before we could move into it though, a problem we could handle. But the location, the land, the creek…everything else was perfect. You know when you know, and we just knew.

It was a God thing.

To live here I would almost agree to live in a tent. Husband even chose to commute 2 hours each way to work. The house we could fix. Well, as time and money allow.

This week we painted the wood stove. I love paint. I love color. I love life actually. And now I love looking at our not quite so ugly anymore wood stove that we are thankful for every chilly day of our lives. It has the distinction of being our main source of heat and keeping us in short sleeves when the snow outside begs us to bundle up.

It was Husband Kain who suggested I go to a wood stove shop, as they would have the specific paint needed to paint it. THIS was a revelation for me, that I really could give it a face lift. Brilliant. We could even sand off the childs crayon drawings all over it—sorry, that was an EXPERIMENT —to see if it would melt and drip designs, my misunderstanding. Goodness did that smell when the fire was lit. Perhaps then the crayon layer was why we painted. Always something to be thankful for isn’t there.

The stove’s previous coat was a nondescript, tan/grey, dull and rusty looking, it was a sad old thing even though we were grateful for it warming our home.

But I did not paint it red, my usual first choice in color, even though that would’ve looked righteous…IF the wall behind it wasn’t lime…Christmas all year was not going to be a good decorating choice no matter how nourishing bright vivid colors are to my psyche. Gun metal black won. Two cans of high temperature stove paint.

$22 worth of beauty in these cans.

Now every walk through the room, the stove gets a compliment and a smile. Paint is amazing that way.

I am still not certain how to change the bits of gold trim to silver around the funky vintage porcelain designs, any ideas?

I quick took a picture today before children came in and hung their wet things on my way cool new rebar tree; first welding project of my son who did the real work of sanding and taping for this project. Hoping it looks like we live in a tidy house (cough cough).

This picture fits in with another goal–my ultimate winter dream, where all my children are sitting quietly around the wood stove as I read aloud to them since our chores are all done, they are clean and fully dressed, even their hair is combed as they are sipping hot chocolate without chocolate mustaches, no one is bugging each other or making odd noises while I read in this dream of mine. Silly I know. Maybe someday when they are in their 20’s. Now that it’s all spruced up in its new coat of ‘miracle’ paint, anything can happen.


3 responses to “Painting an Old Wood Stove and Other Goals

  1. Sorry Sherry I didn’t read this post earlier. I remember a couple of years ago when we were at your home and it was snow on the ground and the wood stove was going in the evening and in you came with homemade wonderful marshmallows to roast in the fire. What could be better then that ?

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