Sheep Mineral Mix


Sampson, the patriarch of our Icelandic’s

Just like us humans, the more vitamins and minerals animals get from natural sources the better to remain healthy and avoid diseases. However with the absence of lush pasture for our sheep…especially in the winter, we offer our animals a mix packed with minerals and vitamins –which go hand in hand.

This loose mix is what we currently use instead of a mineral block (the latter discouraged by our vet), and I really am mainly posting this recipe for myself so I don’t misplace it!

Starting with the mineral recipe from Pat Coleby’s Natural Sheep Care:

  • 6 parts Dolomite
  • 1 part Yellow dusting Sulphur
  • 1 part Copper Sulfate
  • 1 part urea-free seaweed meal

To make it even more beneficial for both gut health and natural discouragement of worms, I have been adding:

  • DE (diatomaceous earth)
  • a good amount of Vitamins: A, D, E
  • Herbs:  Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, dried Minced Garlic, Wormwood
  • Probios (a microbile feed granule -probiotics-)
  • and a lot of Kelp

Most all of the minerals I have to order on-line.

This is all mixed together, stored in an airtight container, and offered in a small container hooked on the wall in the sheep shelter, refilled as needed.

Note: this mix works the same for goats, I would increase the dolomite as much as up to 12 parts and double the copper sulfate. This also can be sprinkled on their feed at 1/2 teaspoon a goat per day, and will really give them a healthy coat.


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