Pumpkin Roasting Basics; for Pumpkin Spiced Everything


My boy’s related to me a local radio DJ’s comment about the shortage of pumpkins due to the weather; “but for those of you who like pumpkin spiced latte’s, don’t worry, because the chemical crop was pretty good this year.” (ba dum bum ‘ching’)

On these autumn mornings, pretty much daily a scoop of FRESH pumpkin gets warmed on the stove with spices and milk for frothy morning pumpkin latte’s. (I currently make this one with honey) 


–and I am too embarrassed to tell you how many mornings I make pumpkin scones to go with that…unless it’s a pumpkin-sourdough-pancake morning, (Can you tell I don’t have to work out of the home?!) and with a pumpkin pie class for my 4-H kiddos coming up, I’m testing multiple recipes to find “the one”.

Pumpkin overload? Not yet. BUT at just under $2 for a little 15 oz can of pumpkin, making fresh pumpkin puree is key. If you want to try it yourself, here are…

Just the Basics:






Chunk and Bake. (350 degrees, 60 minutes)




Puree. (food processor or blender)


Freeze.  (12 cups of puree in that pumpkin. Nice.)

Then for those seeds:


Rinse.  (pick out the stringy part of the pumpkin)


Season. (a Tablespoon Olive Oil and some sea salt is decent start)


Bake. (350 degrees, about 30 minutes)

Along with pumpkin puree you may need more Pumpkin Spice:


To make your own check it out here.

Whether or not you read latte’ ingredient labels, you may not even be tempted to drink a commercially made one again once you get your Fresh Pumpkin Groove on. (–pretty sure that’s a thing)

Happy autumn.DSCN9767


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